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Why does my toilet not flush properly?

High Point North Condominiums’ original toilets were American Standard toilets with a 3 ½+ gallon flush per cycle. Although they are now 32 + years old, all of the parts are still available through a plumbing distributor, but not necessarily through the local home improvement store. Due to the age of these original American Standard Toilets, when making repairs all parts should be replaced with American Standard Toilet parts.

Therefore, one possible explanation to flushing problems might be the fact that parts were replaced at some time but they were not the proper ones (American Standard).

Another common complaint: We purchased a new toilet and each flush only allows 1 ½ gallons of water to be used. ( the original toilet used 3 ½ + gallons per flush)

Due to the age of our high rise building, many factors effect the waste lines and the drainage system in our building, not the least of which is the amount of water used per flush to empty the toilet of waste. Clearly the extra amount of water in the original toilets (3 ½ + gallons per flush) helped to clear the lines. Unfortunately, the newer, low-volume flush tanks (mandated by the government) do not inject enough water into the waste lines to always be effective.

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