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Why does my Air Conditioner leak?

To save money we purchased a window unit and they do not come with a evaporator/slinger system built in.

We purchased a new through the wall Air Conditioner and it still leaks badly.

High Point North Condominiums’ original Air Conditioners were 9, 10 or 12 thousand BTU through the wall Air Conditioners with a built in slinger/evaporator system. These through the wall Air Conditioners are still available locally. The new A/C sleeves are 4" shorter in depth than the original sleeves. When Installed properly they will not drip and the condensation system will evaporate the water. On the hot days of summer and when we have humidity above 90 percent all A/C ’s will drip until the A/C’s clear the humidity from your unit. With the doors and windows open this will add humidity to your unit, once closed it will take on average, over 24 hours to remove all humidity from your unit. All air conditioners on the average will only change the room temperature by 15 degrees. If not leveled properly the through the wall Air Conditioners will also leak. The statement by your service technician that, all through the wall Air Conditioners continuously leak is not true, but there is a reason as listed above if they are leaking.

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